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Consultant & Founder


Tiffanie has been helping develop and inspire smarter creative and strategic business solutions for 26 years. In 2001 Tiffanie's business was recognized as Sonoma County Business of the year.  During that year she was also recognized as Sonoma CountyBusinesspersonn of the year.  In 2006 she successfully sold the first company she founded and developed to maintain a staff of 8.  The following year she was recruited as a consultant for a consulting firm in the Business Incubator in Rohnert Park.  She received her education and training from the Santa Rosa Junior College, Sonoma State University, and has continued her education by attending over 135 seminars in entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, and management.

Tiffanie enjoys being involved in business organizations as well as nonprofit organizations to give back to her local community.  She has been a member of:


  • Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce

  • Sonoma County Go Local

  • Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce

  • Rohnert Park Chamber of Commerce

  • Rohnert Park Women In Business

  • Business Network International (BNI)

  • Educational Foundation of RP/Cotati

  • Rotary International

  • The Rock Christian Curch Mountain Home Idaho

  • The Bridge Church Santa Rosa


Some of her past involvements include serving on the boards, being a founding member of organizations, serving at a district level, and being a leader and organizer for non-profit groups and local churches.

Tiffanie is a very active person and some of her hobbies are listening to live music, riding her Harley Davidson, exploring the outdoors camping, and hiking. Tiffanie is married and has 2 stepchildren and 3 amazing adult children that she loves to watch finding their way in the world.

The Company


Doing Business Today is a business consulting company that works with small businesses helping them to create more profits by utilizing D.A.T.A. Systems. We work with businesses face to face on location in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Windsor, California as well as on location in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Nampa, Star, and Caldwell, Idaho.  We also provide Skype, Google Hangout & Zoom appointments worldwide. The type of clients we work with range from sole proprietors with 0- 10 employees.  No matter the size of the company there are always results to be achieved to relieve chaos. By helping companies overcome problems that all small businesses have, such as increasing sales, creating stability, efficiency challenges as well as company growth we are able to create a positive change in how they do business and their overall lifestyle.

We specialize in D.A.T.A. Systems created by Doing Business Today founder and president, Tiffanie.  The D.A.T.A. System is used for product & business development, business planning, sales training & management, branding & marketing, organizational development & efficiency, team development & management as well as providing executive administrative support!  


Founder Tiffanie has real business experience in owning and running successful businesses for over 19 years. Businesses with employees, overhead, human resource needs, and sales and marketing issues. With two acquisitions under her belt, she knows how to create startups and manage existing businesses to continue to grow to be a viable business to sell for a profit. With her experience in process and system design and development, combined with her love of tracking and implementation, Tiffanie uses her talent to evaluate and redesign the overall organization for better efficiency.

Our administrative consulting team provides support services that are priced competitively and without the worry and expense of hiring a full-time employee or training them to be effective and efficient. The team is comprised of experts in all back-office organizations with each of them specializing in something different.  This provides diversity and ensures that the operations for ANY size business working with Doing Business Today is running smooth and allowing the owner more control and order in their business to do what they do best.

The biggest benefit of using our expert outsourced administrative staff is that they are managed and led by a business consultant at no additional charge to the client.

“There are rare opportunities when you can get big time professional services for unusually accessible fees, and when they appear you are wise to move on them. Tiffanie is one of those rare gems who has moved from large scale corporate level marketing services to her own self-driven entrepreneurial creation in "Doing Business Today". I am a natural born leader, a self-motivated "CEO" type as Tiffanie observes. But when she walks in my office, and into my business world as a consultant, I shut up and listen. I listen for two reasons: 1) She is going to help my business grow and prosper in the ways I want it to. 2) She knows her craft, and so she has my respect. Right away I could see Tiffanie immerse herself in my Business, learning everything about me and my business she needed to, so as to be able to assess its current place and direct its growth. From that first meeting I could witness her immediately become my business advocate, my power partner for Go Divorce Clinic. All of a sudden I had this keen consultant on my side, and in my corner, and as a sole proprietor I have to tell you that it felt really nice to sense the strength and depth of her support and commitment to my business vision. It's always challenging, and sometimes a bit scary to grow your business to levels where you need to let go and have others help you. If you are there, you could do no better than having Tiffanie get on board with you and take you to the next level. I don't take time to write this extensively and sincerely about mediocre services or simply adequate quality people. Tiffanie is indeed exceptional. Lets just say I'd hate my competition to have her on their side!  "

Robert Revel

Go Divorce Clinic

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